A Holiday Road Trip – Take To The Open Road

Whilst many people go on holiday to one particular destination, explore it, live it, and leave it, many also choose to explore in a different away, and head out onto the open road.

A holiday road trip is a fantastic way to check out the destination and surrounding area, or take it one step even further and explore the region, or even country. Whatever you choose to do with your road trip, it’s important to be well organized.

Check your flight information

On any holiday it’s important to be up to date on any developments with your travel plans. With a flight tracker you can check your terminal number, any possible delays, and what time you need to be at the airport, all well ahead of time, making sure you have no nasty surprises or upsets when you finally get to the terminal door.(Image by d.zarcal )

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Plan your route

If you are planning on heading out onto the open road, it’s important to plan your route. Roads overseas aren’t always reliable, the terrain can be difficult, and roadblocks and check points can interrupt your journey. Grab a map, hit the internet, and plan your route to the letter. Take the map with you too!

Choose your vehicle carefully

Make sure you choose a reliable car hire company, and again do some research online, checking out reviews of previous users. Make sure your route research informs your vehicle choice, including the terrain you’re going to be crossing. Make sure you also know where to go if you anything goes wrong. If your car breaks down then you can contact a company like the AAA to help you or if your windscreen cracks then you can go to Allstate Auto Glass for a repair. Knowing where to go will save you time if anything goes wrong. Checking the car you are interested in renting or even purchasing should be good practice, even if you are buying from a reputable local dealership similar to Wichita Chevy. You might also want to make sure that your car has a great set of speakers so you can play your music through them at a decent quality. If you’re struggling to choose what you should listen to though, you may wish to take a look at the blame it on the boogie campaign who can give you some fascinating statistics to help make that decision just a little bit easier.


Check your travel insurance covers you for any activity such as this, and always take out adequate vehicle insurance at the time of hiring. Or if you’re going through your own insurance for your own car make sure that you have one that is valid where you are going. For example, ones like prudential auto ins accross the nation are good if you’re staying in the US for your journey. Never be tempted to overlook this step!(Image by Alan Cleaver)

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Check your license

Are you able to drive in your chosen destination with your current driving license, or do you need to do anything to convert it over? Check this out by heading to the embassy website and getting the appropriate, official information. Additionally, always carry your passport, insurance papers, and driving licence with you at all time, in case you’re stopped by police doing spot checks, or if you are involved in an accident of any kind.

Keep valuables to a minimum

Obviously you’re going to travel light with this kind of trip, but you should be mindful of carrying too many valuables, and instead leave them safely at home. You won’t have the same security options as you would in a hotel, so don’t risk taking all your technological gadgets etc with you. If you do need to take such things, keep it to a minimum and keep them out of sight, locked away somewhere that is difficult to reach.

Are you crossing borders?

If you are, check if you need a visa to enter another country, and do some more research into how easy it is to cross the border with a hire car and foreign license. It’s always best to know what to expect.

Once you have all the basics covered, all that’s left to do is take to the open road and truly explore.


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