7 Great Gifts for a Traveler

If you’re buying a gift for someone who travels you’re in luck, there are plenty of great items and services you can purchase that will simply excite any beginner or seasoned traveller. Here’s a list of great travel gifts for Christmas or anniversaries:


They come in really handy in pretty much every hostel in the world or on long trips with trains, buses and even airplanes. A traveler can use them to read without disturbing others, to navigate dark alleys if needed or to find her way around bunk beds in hostels.

International calling cards 

You may have heard of these before, they are the rave now. In short, they allow anyone to place very cheap international calls from basically any phone. These calling cards offer really low rates, are easy to recharge and the call quality is great. They usually come with a free mobile app, but one can use them even if Internet access is not available.  A traveler can use any mobile phone or landline to place cheap calls. It’s the ultimate service for short term and long term traveller and can really save money.

Microfiber travel towels

Most hostels do not offer you towels and it’s really very nice to have your own clean towel, but traditional towels are heavy, big and tend to dry up slowly. Microfiber towels are different. They are very compact, light-weight, absorb a lot of water and dry up really fast. You can get affordable high quality travel towels like Wazzala or Shandali and they make for the perfect gift.


The sturdy kind are really useful for a traveler. You never know when it’s going to rain and you don’t want to carry around an umbrella, it’s much more practical to carry a raincoat.

Airline or hotel vouchers

Most airlines allow you to purchase gift vouchers that your friends can use when they purchase plane tickets. It’s a great choice for a gift but make sure you don’t get vouchers from really expensive airlines (unless your friend really uses that company) and that the value of the voucher can at least cover for most of a decent plane ticket. You can also purchase hotel voucher, but the same rule applies, make sure the hotel will be something your friend will like.

An e-reader

A Kindle or something similar will come in really handy on a trip. There are many occasions on the road when you have nothing else left to do than reading something or listening to an audio book. It’s also a valuable and quite appreciated gift.

A beautiful notebook

Travelling gives you amazing insights and plenty of time to think. When that happens you want to write it down and you might even be tempted to start journaling and a beautiful Moleskin or other type of travelling notebook will be amazing to have.

Here it is, a great start on your journey of finding the perfect travel gift. Of course, if your budget allows, you can also opt to purchase a really slim laptop with a great battery or a great durable tablet, but what matters most is to find the gift that really matches the personality of the person it is for.