3 reasons why a flashlight is necessary when travelling

I think it would be safe to say, that we would all like to be better prepared in times of emergency. And yet, while some things are out of our control during a natural disaster, winter-storm, or even a thunderstorm, preparedness is something you can control.

Most people don’t know this, but having an essential flashlight on hand is one of the best actions you can take. Especially when you’re traveling. Regardless if you’re going on a hunting trip with your friends or if you are on a vacation: carrying a flashlight is necessary for safe and smooth travels. Here are three reasons:

1.Car Troubles

You are not immune just like anyone else. It don’t matter if your car salesman told you how great and dependable your purchase will be, or if you have Triple A, you will need a flashlight when your car breaks down.


Did you drop something outside the car? Yes, you may have, and when it’s pitch black, a handy flashlight would be very resourceful for finding that card with the Triple A number on it, or any document you need inside when it’s dark.

Checking under the hood: Maybe your car trouble is something simple, but yet the visibility is poor. Having a flashlight can assist you to find the right area that you may need to work on under the hood.

Reassurance: Flashing a light as someone goes by is a great way to get someone’s attention, and if you have young ones in the car with you, then keeping some light inside the car can be reassuring for them during a pitch black scenario.

Triple A and Onstar are great programs to have but before they get to you, a flashlight is something you should carry for reassurance, convenience, and added security.

2.Power Outages

Are you going up north to a cabin this month? Are you already there? While the cabin may have power or electricity, a storm could deplete the system altogether temporarily.

Having a flashlight when you have a power outage is a handy way to gather goods and food together. It’s a great way to guide down hall, stairways, and even outdoors to check up on the generator.

For any type of scenario during a storm, a high-powered flashlight will save you the hassles and inconvenience of not being able to see what you are doing during a power outage.

3.Hunting, Backpacking, Or Night Walking

Some streets are darker than others, and some people lurk in the dark and cause trouble. Having a bright, high-powered flashlight is a proven deterrent against muggers and burglars. Just shining a high-powered light is enough to blind a burglar if they try robbing you on the street, or if they make unlawful entry into your home.

Backpacking is a fun event many people do but some have to stop short their efforts due to the dark. Dark backpacking is far more eventful, but if not done properly, far more dangerous. Having a tactical flashlight is a great way to enhance visibility.

The best tactical flashlight on the market usually come equipped with battery regulators. This means you can enjoy endurance during your hunting or traveling expeditions. Battery regulators manage power output as needed.

They are also typically smaller, durable, and more convenient to handle, while being easy to grip.

Whether you are up north, on the road, or walking about during the night, it is always wise and safe to carry protection. That can be a can of mace, a weapon, a phone number, and in this instance, a flashlight.