3 Exciting Career Options for GIST Graduates

Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) is a field of study concerned with how science and technology can be applied to geographical problems. The range of areas of study that GIST is concerned with, as well as the potential career paths a GIST degree opens up, are as varied as you would expect from a subject with such a broad remit.

Perhaps the most prominent example of GIST being implemented in the real world is global positioning system (GPS) technology. While GPS is something that is now so ubiquitous we take it for granted, it requires many years of research and development to take it from an idea to a reality.

Ever since the launch of the first GPS satellites, the role of GIST in day to day life, in industry, and in various fields of scientific research has expanded greatly and it is now involved in many more areas of scientific inquiry than many people realize.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a popular career option for GIST graduates. While civil engineering is not generally regarded as a science itself, it is a discipline that requires a broad range of skills to be brought together to solve problems. You will work on designing infrastructure and ensuring that public services are dispersed enough that they are sufficiently accessible to all.

The work open to GIST graduates in civil engineering is varied, but in this field, even seemingly boring and mundane projects have a real impact on the quality of life of large numbers of people. This makes civil engineering work uniquely rewarding.

Weather and Climate Forecasting

We are all used to the sight and sound of a weather forecast. In fact, virtually all of us are carrying weather forecasts in our pockets, on our smartphones. It is therefore easy to overlook just how complex the process of predicting weather patterns is. Weather forecasts are notorious for how unreliable they can be. However, given how unbelievably complicated the interplay between the variables involved in generating weather is, it is remarkable how accurately we can make these predictions.

If you would like to learn more about weather and climate forecasting, then consider studying an online GIST degree, such as this online GIST program offered by the University of Southern California.

Public Health

There are a variety of careers in the field of public health which make use of GIST. Regardless of the specific area a GIST graduate works in, those in public health will be at the forefront of ensuring that local populations have access to all the healthcare and other health-related services that they need.

Careers in public health offer graduates the same opportunity to help improve quality of life for many people in one fell swoop, the way civil engineering does. In fact, many times, public health officials will be working alongside civil engineers in ensuring that access to healthcare is as widespread as possible.

A GIST degree opens a number of potential career paths up to graduates. As the role of GIST in everyday life as well as in industry continues to grow, so does the list of careers it allows access to.