10 Ways to get a cheap trip

Travelling is something that almost everybody wants to do, but money is an element that puts many people off. Whether you want to take a weekend break or go and find yourself for a month, you can do it on the cheap. One of my friends always used his Bitcoins to help him fly away for a holiday, he created his Bitcoin wallet and then proceeded to try and raise more and more online currency. He used some online betting games, like those reviewed by Best Bitcoin Casino, to try and increase the amount of Bitcoin he had. Some travel companies accept Bitcoin currency, so you can try and use your Bitcoin money to get yourself a flight. If you don’t have Bitcoin, you could use these 10 tips to help you:

Use a Comparison Site

When looking for a trip, start by searching comparison sites. There are multiple comparison sites you can use that will help you find amazing deals. You may need to take flights with different airlines, but that can be a small hassle to deal with for a big saving!

Travel Out of Peak Times

Instead of going on your trip during peak times where many other tourists will also be visiting, travel out of peak times. You may have to deal with bad weather, but you’ll still be able to have a great experience for a fraction of the cost. Just be sure that all of the activities you want to do will still be available during the time you plan to travel.

Use a Student Discount

Many companies offer a student discount to make things cheaper for those who have costs to pay for education. However, even if you’re not a student, you could ask a friend to use their discount. Student discounts are usually much higher than any other discounts offered, so it’s worth asking.

Look for Discount Codes

If you can’t find a student discount to use, you could search for a discount code online. If you’re buying travel gear then you can use amazon.getyourcouponcodes.com; plus you might be able to get money off your flights, accommodation, or even your food at a restaurant if you browse online. Do your research and make a list of things you’d like to do so you can find the best ways to save money before you travel. Travelocity Canada provides coupons, deals and cash back on your trips, so might be worth checking out.

Forget the Hotel Room

Hotel rooms can cost a lot of money, and many of them aren’t as well equipped as apartments. Some London apartments you find, for instance, will have a fully equipped kitchen and wi-fi. If you’re smart, you can find much better accommodation for a better price.

Take Advantage of Free Activities

Pretty much everywhere you go you’ll find free activities that you can take advantage of. You can still pay for some activities, but don’t underestimate the fun you can have with free activities. Something as simple as walking and exploring could take up a whole day and be a lot of fun!

Enter Competitions

On your trip you might find competitions in restaurants and bars. These vary, but consider entering to win a cash prize or free meal! You could add a nice cash prize to any money you saved before you travelled.

Eat on the Lunchtime Menus

Lunchtime menus will be so much cheaper than evening menus, so try to have your main meal at this time instead.

Don’t Turn Your Nose Up at Street Food

You’ll get large portions with street food, and in most places they’ll cost next to nothing!

Blog About It

Lots of bloggers make money and get free stuff from blogging about their trip. If you’re cheeky and tell people what you’re doing, they might offer a free meal, drink, or activity!

See you next time!

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