10 Tips to Make the Most of Your First Cape Town 

Cape Town is one the world’s most popular holiday destinations known for its breathtaking beauty, sunlit beaches and iconic landmarks. If you’re planning your first vacation to Cape Town, here are 10 tips that will help you get the most out of your trip.

Avoid the peak tourist season

While Cape Town sees millions of tourists each year, summer is the busiest and attracts the largest crowds from across the world. Peak summer here lasts from late November to mid-February, so avoid these months if you don’t want to waste money on exorbitant flight and hotel prices for a touristy holiday.

A better time to visit Cape Town is during the spring season or at the onset of autumn, when the weather may not be as smooth, but you’re sure to find good deals and lesser crowds.

Take the time to plan a long vacation

Cape Town has so much to offer that it takes a week to just cover the popular attractions. If you’re looking for a relaxing and slow vacation experience, take the trouble to take out at least two weeks off to explore the city and its surroundings.

This way you won’t be pressured to do it all in a short while and won’t go back with the feeling that you missed a lot of the must-do stuff.

Hire a private car on the day you arrive

A better option to taking cabs to go everywhere is to hire a private car and explore the city at your own convenience. Particularly if you’re traveling with children, it becomes way more convenient to have a car at your disposal so that you can stop whenever and wherever you want.

Moreover, if you have your own vehicle, you can avoid the crowded city center and explore oceanfront accommodation options in the suburbs.

Beat the queues to Table Mountain by reaching early

If you’re in Cape Town for the first time, you’re going to want to see Table Mountain, one of the seven new wonders of nature. Regardless of the time of year, Table Mountain sees scores of visitors on any given day, so if you want to beat the crowds and avoid the long queues up to the cable car, reach there early in the day. Or, better still, go up hiking.

Ditch the hotel for a more private and stylish accommodation

For a superlative luxury experience, skip the usual hotel booking and explore bespoke ocean-facing private residences in Cape Town’s coastal suburbs.

Rent a fully equipped luxury private holiday home that offers style, comfort, plenty of space and a stunning view. Choose from a range of luxury apartments and villas handpicked by https://www.capetownvillas.net/ to suit every type of vacation.

Book a wine-tasting tour

With nearly two thousands vineyards, this beautiful province is a haven for wine aficionados. For an exclusive experience, find a local touring company that organizes private trips to local wine estates. You can visit several vineyards on a single day and can even plan an entire short vacation centered on wine tasting.

Don’t miss the food bazaar

Devote half a day to experiencing local and global cuisines at the Eastern Food Bazaar, located on Darling Street. It will give you a welcome break from eating high-end restaurant meals and an opportunity to experience the locals’ love for food in an authentic setting.

Take a private boat trip deep into the ocean

If you love off-beat experiences and can afford them as well, consider hiring a private boat and ride right into the sunset. From speed boats to yachts to pirate ships, there are plenty of options to choose from based on the kind of experience you want.

Spend a day idling at the V&A Waterfront

Rather than rushing through the area, devote at least half a day to exploring the vibrant and lively Victoria & Albert Waterfront, flocked by both locals and travelers for its beachfront restaurants, local shopping and entertainment and activities for all age groups.

Visit a secluded beach

If crowds make you irritable, head off to the Windmill Beach near Simons Town to view the sunset in all its glory. The beach has a big natural pool where you can take a dip or go snorkeling. And it offers an unbeatable view of the False Bay shoreline.

To avoid the rush of the touristy places, book a night’s stay in Franschhoek, a quaint town a small distance from some of the best wine estates in the area.

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