10 Things to Know Before Your Trip to Singapore

Singapore has a playground for the richest individuals in the world. It has an excellent dining hall, most superfluity hotels, and prominent shopping malls among other precious amenities. Apart from infrastructural development, Singapore has an enormous diversity of culture, romance, and a lively history that it is holding. Along with friends and family attractions in lovely places in Singapore everyone can never choose to come here once or twice but wants a recurrent visit.

Tourist in Singapore are unlimited, and they make at every season of the year since the weather here is efficient at any time. The transportation networks in Singapore is excellent, and they make tourist get around at every corner easy and convenience. A metro map is used to direct visitors to different points and their specific destinations while in Singapore. Whenever one understand the subway map, he/she has no problem and should travel comfortable at any time and place. Nearly every person in Singapore speaks the English language, and most of the signs are in English. This all factors join to make Singapore a lovely and friendly place to visit and give an answer as to why many people are willing to come in Singapore now and then. Things to know before visiting Singapore include:

1. Singapore is very safe

Every part of the city in Singapore has street lights which shine brightly in a manner that you cannot differentiate whether it’s at night or it is still day time. Walking from one place to another, for an instant going back home at 4 am after a night shift in alongside the street is absorbing. Singapore thus can be considered the safest place in the world you travel.

2. Singapore can be very expensive

The city of Singapore has the most millionaires that ever exist in the world. Unlike the much-known towns, for example, New York, London and Cape Town, the city of Singapore supersedes those regarding infrastructures, expensive cars and the number of super-rich individuals. Regardless, budget travel is possible with affordable and reliable taxis.

3. Singapore is a very multi-cultural city

Singapore contains diverse culture. There are people from all over the world that mutually interact to earn a living. This combination of locals and foreigners creates a vibrant mix of diverse cultures. With different cultures, there is a distinct lifestyle, e.g., food, games, wearing habits, and so on. The city, for this reason, becomes very exciting to travel and witness this diverse cultures.


4. Durian fruit is a daily diet in Singapore.

The Durian fruit has the worst scent you can ever smell in the universe. You keep wondering why everyone wants to eat the fruit. It often sticks just before it start to get too ripe. People always buy it in the morning before it gets further mature by sun’s rays. Besides its smell, it is a precious fruit here in Singapore, and you have to it during your visit to witness its importance.

5. Taxes are very low in Singapore

Being one of the expensive city, many people owns private vehicles. Some of this vehicles are used to ferry people, usually, the visitors when they visit the city and want to tour in different areas of the city and its environs. In most cases, the taxis are less expensive besides the peak hours when they charge much higher.

6. Alcohol is very expensive

It is important you get something at a Duty-Free. In this place, there is a limit of the commodities you can have here, and for that reason, it is advisable to do what you intend at a Duty-free shopping.

7. The weather in Singapore is consistently warm.

All year round the weather at Singapore is hot, and this makes it convenient for all the leisure activities. Hence, you can visit at any period in the year. Extremes range of weather; either too warm or too cold makes most people fear to visit some of the countries, but here in Singapore, we don’t compromise on whether extremes. When you visit Singapore don’t hesitate to wear with your comfort as the weather is so friendly to every visitor.

8. A visit to Marina Bay Sands is a must.

If possible, you should at least spend a night in the hotel to experience the immensity pool. You would get up to the Empire State Building for the best view in New York and as well take in one of the best views of the city from here. If you don’t want to stay in the hotel or can’t afford then spend a night at the Marina Bay Sands or you may get up to the bar from which you can catch the same view.

9. The nightlife in Singapore is pretty fantastic.

Clarke Quay is a beautiful place to start a night or even end one too. After this, you can get a taxi and head off to a total range of legendary club here. The street lights located at every corner make the place appear impressive. Businesses in Singapore is done for 24hrs. Thus, night is precisely equal to a day. For the males exploring the Singaporean nightlife, there are some absolutely beautiful female models available to be at your side. No matter whether you’re visiting a night-club, or a strip-club, you’ll find some of the best female models the world has to offer in Singapore.

10. Singapore doesn’t do beaches.

There are a lot of decent and glorious beaches in Singapore, but instead, they usually do swimming. The beaches are not of the same level as the Thai beaches, but they are also exceedingly attractive for hangouts.


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There are many ways to enjoy Singapore but the best way to see the most of Singapore at it’s truest self is to go backpacking around it, seeing all the different cultures and trying all the different food and activities as you go. If you choose to go backpacking around Singapore for a cheap way to travel around you will need to ensure that you are using the best equipment that doesn’t break. For the latest reviews on the newest backpacks, check out Backpacks Asia to make sure you’re buying the best backpacks to travel with.


All this makes Singapore desired place to many who come here and those supposed to visit her. Also, Singapore local food are most delicious one can have e.g.; Hainanese chicken rice, Chilli Crab, Laksa, Char Kway Teow, Hokkien Prawn Mee, Barbecued Stingray, Fish Head Curry, Satay, Char Siew Rice, and Oyster Omelette among others. The best hawker centres in Singapore are Chinatown Complex Food Centre, Old Airport Food Centre, Maxwell Road Hawker Centre, Tiong Bahru Market Hawker Centre, and Chomp Chomp Food Centre.


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